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Associate in the canadian board of occupational medicine (ACBOM)

Requirements for Associate in the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine (ACBOM) Examination Candidates

No specific work experience is required for eligibility. The candidate obtains ACBOM status by successfully taking a written examination which tests occupational medicine principles and knowledge based on a syllabus and occupational medicine bibliography. This is not an easy examination and applicants are encouraged to take occupational medical training for example through a distance learning program, a diploma, a fellowship, or a master’s degree. Formal training is not required, though it improves the chances of success in the examination.

We are currently not accepting applications for 2022.

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The Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine was established to “encourage the study, improve the practice and elevate the standards of occupational medicine throughout Canada.” It is incorporated federally to certify competence of those physicians with special knowledge of occupational medicine.

Physicians interested in applying for certification will find all of the information on eligibility and application on this website.

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